Security is the priority. Especially when we are already dealing with this deadly virus, Covid-19, we don't want security threats in our homes. Home is the place where you relax, spend time with your family, and be yourself. Compromising the security of the home means risking your and your family's life. Moreover, there are unforgettable memories and emotions attached to the home, protecting your home from fire, burglary, or any crime becomes your prime responsibility and concern.

Thankfully, these days, there are many IoT (Internet of Things) enabled smart home security systems available in the market that can allow you to manage and monitor your home's safety 24/7. So, let's go through the detailed information about the IoT-enabled best home security systems of 2020 that can help you in keeping your home secure and smart.

best home security system of 2020 by AYS System

What is IoT Enabled Home Security System?

IoT (Internet of Things) is the network of sensors-enabled objects that can communicate and exchange data with the devices connected to the internet. The IoT-enabled devices can be anything from simple household objects to heavy industry tools. One of the most common examples of IoT applications is changing the temperature of the AC using a Smartphone. This means that the air conditioner is IoT enabled and can communicate with the Smartphone. The number of IoT-enabled devices is getting more popular day by day.

Similarly, there are IoT-enabled home security systems that can remotely control your door locks, intruders, CCTV cameras, etc., using a smartphone and an application. These IoT-enabled home security systems are also known as smart home security systems.

What Are The Different Components Of A Smart Home Security System?

To make your research process on best home security systems; it is important to acquire the information about its different components as given below:

CCTV Camera

The home CCTV installation can help you in monitoring your residential property with high precision. You can monitor and operate your IoT-enabled CCTV camera using your Smartphone seamlessly. Just make sure that the surveillance cameras installed in your home premises give you a 360-degree view so that you don't miss out on any part of your property and maintain high-end security.

Intruder Alarm

The intruder alarm installation would indicate to you about trespassers entering your residential property. In case someone is manipulating the locks of doors and windows of your home, you hear a loud alarm informing you about the unauthorized entry. The IoT-enabled intruder alarm consists of sensors that connect with other devices located nearby. It indicates trespassing or unauthorized entry to devices like smartphones connected to it to keep the property secure in a smart manner.

Fire Alarm

Fire is an extremely risky accident that can happen in your residential property. It can take lives and even damage your valuable belongings. So, it is always preferable to get a fire alarm system installation done in your home. The fire alarm system would indicate to you about the fire at an initial stage so that you can take the situation in control on time. The smart fire alarm system would trigger an alarm even if there is a slight smoke signal enabling you to take action before time and save your family and property.

Door Entry System

A door entrance system includes a biometric or access card system that allows people to open the door lock by swiping the card or placing their fingerprints. Many door entry security systems also come with an intercom phone facility to talk to your visitors before allowing them to enter your premises. Usually, offices and commercial premises include a door security system as there are many staff members and visitors frequently moving in and out of the property. You can also get a smart door entry system installed for your residential property if you have too many visitors and need to ensure the utmost security.


With these modern IoT-enabled best home security systems, you gain better control and safety features. So, before the unthinkable happens in 2020, it is time for home security system installation. If you have already got home security installed with obsolete features, it becomes highly essential to get it upgraded with the latest technology because when it comes to home, you cannot afford to compromise with the security.

If you think that a complete IoT-enabled best home automation system would be out of your budget, you can consider individual devices like door/window sensors, fire alarms, CCTV cameras, etc. There are many other affordable home security solutions that you can think about as peace of mind doesn't need to be pricey. You need to ensure that the best home security system you select includes the features and is scalable enough to meet your future requirements.


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