There are many incidents in the form of thefts and crimes soaring high every time. With an increase in the crime rate, keeping the home and family safe has been everyone's priority. A high-quality security system is an answer to this problem. An advanced security feature system is a reliable option to keep homes, businesses, industries, and communities safe. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) was also known as a video surveillance system in which high quality (analog and digital) camera was used to take videos with several television monitors. There is no denying the fact that the use of CCTV cameras has been gaining popularity with its different types of smart cameras and high-tech features.

The tremendous technological features like the clarity of the images and video are the prime necessities that make them a top choice among home security expert systems. On the other side, the design and size of the CCTV system also play a significant role.

With a quality CCTV system, you can be assured of enhanced efficiency as well as increased productivity in your operations. At the same time, there are many advantages of CCTV installation in your business premise including;

With the quality CCTV system installations, you can be assured of enhanced efficiency as well as adaptability in your operations. Many benefits of the CCTV cameras are worthy that need to be taken into deep considerations. The prime benefits among them are:

  • + Reduction in the vandalism problems.
  • + Keeping out of the risk of home/business break-ins and thefts.
  • + Enhanced safety inside your business premises.
  • + Reducing the workloads of CCTV companies in every aspect.

With the need to learn about the advantages of CCTV cameras, it is in the customer's interest to also aware of different CCTV cameras. The need to know about them is all about keeping safe and sound with the various activities of robberies and thefts. Let's learn about the different types of CCTV cameras that are rolling our lives.

Different Types of CCTV Systems

Here are the popular CCTV cameras that are trending in the year 2019:

Dark Fighter Technology Cameras

These cameras are the ones that can be best in the low weather conditions under the flat light area. The dark fighter technology can be used in the day and night area for a better-equipped range of capabilities. They are equipped with CMOS progressive scan sensors which allow the device to pick up high-quality images. These make it a perfect choice for a security surveillance camera.


  • Smart features- line crossing, audio, and video detection.
  • It can be used as the best zoom-in facility.
  • It's high definition surveillance system.

LPR Cameras

LPR cameras are the most advanced version of high-definition devices that are used to read and store data. They offer a simple and efficient system to many organizations like hotels, overstay management, and car parking. Also, these devices help to obtain information in a high traffic area to keep any premises secure.


  • Information storage technology
  • It helps in the management of the fleet management system to identify cars.
  • It allows a business to run smoothly.

Dome Cameras

The high-quality dome camera is one of the most commonly used for indoor and outdoor security and surveillance. Here, the shape of the camera makes it difficult for the customers and lookers to tell which way the camera is facing, which is an elegant piece of design, deterring criminals by creating an air of uncertainty.


  • This CCTV system is easy to install at any critical location.
  • It has Vandals-resistant features.
  • IR night vision ease.

C-mount Camera

These CCTV cameras come in with a detachable lens. It comes with a smart lens system that allows it to be used in various applications. It can cover a distance of more than 40 ft to 50 ft, which includes a more long-range than different cameras.


  • It can see the changes in different technological aspects.
  • Most useful for indoor use.
  • It can support large sizes and can't easily be traced by a deterrent.

Day/Night Camera

These types of high-definition cameras are operating in a normal and poorly lit environment. These camera doesn't require any specific infrared illuminators as they can easily quail clear pictures with their sensitive chips. These features make them the ideal choice for outdoor use with an increase in IR vision.


  • It can record in both black and white colors.
  • Different type of sizes is available.
  • It is also capable of recording the IR vision on a high scale.

PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera

PTZ pan tilt/Zoom camera allows the camera to be moved freely, especially up and down. These cameras are used in situations where you need special assistance in operating the security systems.


  • 200m Infrared night vision.
  • It can hold the X36 optical zoom.
  • High-quality image resolution.

Discreet CCTV

These types of cameras allow for careful placement, which means you can capture good footage of theft and criminal damage. Discreet CCTV cameras are beneficial because criminals will be less likely to spot them, and therefore, they are less likely to be damaged in the process.


  • Can be propped up or mounted
  • Can be disguised in various objects
  • Effective for indoor use

Network Camera CCTV cameras

These cameras share the images across the internet so that CCTV video recorders can be easily accessed. Network cameras are the best ones to be used to track domestic and commercial hassle. Here you can easily track the solutions of security with video interfacing from time to time.


  • Data can be easily accessed on large interfaces for small locations.
  • These cameras are best to be used in small places.
  • They require less cable work and load.

High Definition Cameras

High Definition cameras can be used in critical buildings and rapid force assignments. This CCTV system is used to capture good quality optical zoom images while maintaining high security and maximum safety. These cameras are great for pixel power to allow the user to zoom in for extra clarity, should the footage need to be used in court.


  • Easy detailed picture scroll.
  • Offer the maximum safety of the nearby establishments.
  • It can zoom in and zoom out without losing focus.

What Type of CCTV Camera Should I Buy?

It's imperative to ensure that you have chosen the right CCTV camera because depending on that you can find the proper fixes. It is all to ensure that it best accommodate your needs.

Whether you are looking to install a CCTV camera outside a property to watch out for unfortunate events like thefts and robberies, or have placed one inside to monitor the home essentials, their installation of CCTV becomes necessary!

Three factors you need to consider before buying CCTV cameras:

If you are struggling to find the right answer to the above questions, then go through the below pointers in brief. As the three aspects discussed below are necessary for your understanding to find the best CCTV camera (High Surveillance) for the required properties or businesses.

Lens :

This feature will ensure the heart of the CCTV security system, as it provides better optical zoom and clarity of images to review and search every time. A zoom lens provides customers with more detailed information because the zoom factor can adjust with the light as it reaches the sensor enhancing other camera features. Having more detail will, of course, help in all situations, because it means that you will be able to observe what’s happening and get a clear record on film.

Having the interim benefit will help you to observe the images and video more clearer with recording facilities too.

The correct sensor :

Mostly in the high-quality CCTV cameras, which makes each other different is the functionality of the lens used. CMOS and CCD cameras are the rulers of the market that can help people by making the right selection of quality glass.

The correct output resolution :

It is the fact that if you want a better and brighter image, you need the perfect resolution for it. It is the factor that the professional installers don't miss too. So, be specific with the screen resolutions!

Wrapping Up

For more information or to the different CCTV camera today, get in touch with our friendly team, and they will be ready to help you with the high-security CCTV systems.


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