With the growing instances of theft, fraud, accidents, trespassing, and other inhumane acts, it has become quite essential to get a security camera installed on your property. The most significant benefit of getting a security camera installation done on your property is that it gives you up to real-time information about what is going on on your property so that you can take the right action at the right time.

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Are you looking for exceptional CCTV camera installation services for your home or office? This article provides you the complete information about the different types of security cameras available in the market as that can help you choose the one as per your preferences.

Box Camera

As the name suggests, the box camera's shape is like a box. It functions like any other camera by capturing real-time video and displaying it on your computer or smartphone. If the aesthetic look of the camera is not your concern, you can get a box camera installed in your property's indoor and outdoor areas. The biggest benefit of choosing a box camera is that it allows customization of the lens fitting to the installation's needs. It offers various lens options including fixed, and varifocal.

Dome Security Camera

A Dome security camera is a dome-shaped camera for ceiling installation. It comes with high-quality lenses that can provide clear visibility. The dome-shaped camera is perfect for places that are likely to get dirty. For example - warehouse and kitchen. If you want to get aesthetically pleasing cameras for your property, dome security cameras can be a perfect choice.

PTZ Security Camera

A PTZ security camera includes specialized mechanical controls that allow you to remotely zoom, tilt, and pan the camera to get the exact view you require. It can help you in controlling the movements of the camera using a joystick or software. It can run patterns automatically or adjust to a preset position. The most prominent benefit of installing a PTZ security camera is that it helps you in viewing the area of your interest with zoom-in and zoom-out functionality.

Bullet Security Camera

Bullet security camera has a bullet-style body and is a combination of a perfect camera and lenses. It also includes IR illuminators providing better visibility. Its sealed enclosure decreases the need for servicing. Bullet security cameras can be a perfect choice if you require it to capture low-light situations.

IP Security Camera

IP Security cameras can transmit a digital signal using internet protocol over a network. It comes with built-in video analytic software and is well known for its increased resolution and scalability. It can provide resolutions from VGA to 29 Megapixels and has better system management than analog cameras.

Day/Night Security Camera

A day/night security camera is the perfect choice for people required to capture areas having low light. It includes an IR filter that works when lighting levels decrease. It can handle day and night time lighting situations.

Thermal Security Camera

Thermal cameras can produce surveillance footage using thermal imaging. It can capture videos even in dark or harsh environments. It includes heat-sensing that can differentiate people from objects, even in environments with dust, haze, smoke, or fog. It can also work in complete darkness. If capturing real-time footage in a dark and smoky environment is your requirement, a thermal security camera can be the best choice.

Wide Dynamic Security Camera

Wide dynamic cameras are well known for balancing light levels based on pixel-by-pixel. It can handle a wide range of lighting levels of the same area or scene. The wide dynamic security can capture the clear face shots of the people with bright light behind them and with dark shadows on their faces. If capturing scenes with too much sunshine or places like parking lots having bright headlights, is your requirement, then purchasing a wide dynamic security camera would be the perfect choice for you.

Wireless IP Camera

Wireless IP camera is a Wi-Fi-enabled camera that is easy to install. It is an extremely cost-effective security system installation as it doesn't require network cabling. It also includes tilting and swivel options that maximize flexibility in capturing areas of interest. It is popular for providing motion detections notifying you about the intruders promptly and accurately. If you require high-end security with crystal clear images even during low-light situations, a wireless IP camera is the best option.

How to Choose the Best Security Camera for Home or Office?

So, now when you have all the details about the different security cameras available in the market, selecting the best one for your requirements would be an easy job. If you are still in a dilemma about which one to choose, consider asking yourself the below-mentioned questions:

  • 1. Which type of security camera would be easy to install on your premises?
  • 2. Which power source would suit your security camera requirements?
  • 3. How much free cloud storage does your security camera system include?
  • 4. Aesthetics or functionality what is more important when it comes to your security system installation?
  • 5. Do you require your security system to capture low-light or dark conditions?

Besides the above question, the most important factor that you need to consider is the budget. The CCTV camera installation services you go for should not be costly, but, at the same time, should not compromise quality.


We hope this article has helped acquire a basic understanding of which CCTV camera installation services would suit your requirements. You can also search for "security camera installation near me" to find the best security system installation service providers in your location. Just ensure that you check the customer reviews of these providers before selecting one as the security of your property is a highly crucial matter for you.


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