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CCTV System

Having a well set CCTV system in your home can help you to ensure complete safety of your premises even when you are away. At AYS System, we offer smart CCTV installation services to our customers which make it possible for them to have the mental peace they seek. We regularly work with commercial and residential customers and we can offer you an extensive range of CCTV systems to choose from.

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Intruder Alarm System

Setting up an intruder alarm system lets you know immediately some breaks into your home. This can not only help you to save your precious property but also care for your loved ones. We at AYS System can offer you top notch intruder alarm systems which can deliver you reliable performance on a regular basis. Our experts can install the intruder alarm systems in your home and also check their operations.

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Fire Alarm System

Installing fire alarm systems in your home or office can go a long way when it comes to early fire detection and management. We offer detailed fire alarm system installation solutions that can be good for your home or business. We can present you with different types of fire alarm systems to choose from and also offer you advanced technical expertise to ensure optimum user experience.

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Access Control System

An Access Control/Video Door System helps you to know who is knocking your door even without opening the door itself. If you are keen on implementing this feature in your home for optimum convenience, you can consult us for the best solutions. We have been installing Access Control/Video Door System products for a long time and we can help you to get the best products installed in your home.

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Electrical Services

Our qualified electrical engineers deals with every electrical work in London, if you need domestic or commercial electrician in Harrow, London. AYS Systems provides law observing and fully tested electrical installation services as well as electrical testing and inspection & 100% customer satisfaction. Our Company provides Certified Electrical Service in London and surrounding areas.

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Data Networking

We are highly skilled in all facets of data networking and we regularly work with large and small businesses to cover their needs. Whether it is implementing fiber optic cables, upgrading a data security system, working with internet connections or installing security systems, we can deliver precise and comprehensive data networking solutions that can help our clients in strategic, functional and financial ways. Our data networking methods are in line with current industry practices.

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Home Automation

When you are looking to automate your home for the best living experience, you can count on us for providing you with the finest solutions. We are a global leader when it comes to home automation and we use high end products and working methods to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. We can also integrate various systems like security and lights with Google Home or Amazon Alexa so that you have a hassle-free life.

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