Smart Door Access System or Video Door Entry System for Optimum Convenience

When someone rings your doorbell, You may not always feel like going downstairs or opening the main door to find out who is there. In such cases, You can use our wireless door entry systems with camera to find out who is visiting you even before opening the door. Our cutting edge gate entry systems can certainly go a long way in increasing the security of your home.

AYS System is an industry leader when it comes to the creation of state of the art door acess systems for residential flats & apartments and individual homes. We have been developing highly advanced audio and video door entry systems for a long time now that can help you to check on your visitor even before opening the door.

Here are some features of our Door Access Control Systems:


  • Perfect for all types of homes
  • Can be integrated easily
  • High levels of efficiency
  • Ideal for modern homes
  • Offer the best working features

Versatile access control systems

We offer versatile home & office access control systems that come with video and audio features. While the audio systems allow you to communicate with the visitors at your door before you let them in, the video systems enable you to see their faces and make sure that they are the genuine people as they claim. This naturally helps you to feel safe and secure When you are in your home.


Ease of use and optimum efficiency

No matter the door access systems that you choose to have for your home or office, you can be sure to receive the best security features for your home or office. Our door access control systems offer you maximum flexibility and user convenience and you can also choose to have multiple handsets in your drawing room, bedroom, balcony or any other part of your home. The same applies to your business premises.


Advanced features

Whether you are looking to have door access control systems with touch screens or push buttons or a highly developed front panel, you can find them all when you consult us at AYS System. We have equipped all our door entry systems with modular and/or standard front panel elements. Such features allow you to explore the various functions that these access control systems have to offer without feeling clueless.


Tested for maximum efficiency

As a company that has been designing and crafting different types of access control systems for a long time, We are well aware of the challenges of coming up with products that our customers find valuable. Here at AYS System, We can provide you with bespoke custom solutions that you can use in your home. We also excel at designing gate entry systems for corporate offices.


Service Advantage

  • We always deliver the best solutions to our customers
  • Our products are perfect for modern homes and offices
  • We provide you the best value for your money

Once you choose us for getting your door access control systems for office or home, You can find that the security features have greatly enhanced. Simply get in touch with us today and We can have one of our experts have your home or office surveyed to decide which products would suit you best. We can then install the door entry systems and also offer you additional customer support.