Electrical Services

High-Quality Local Electrician

AYS System is a highly qualified provider of electrical services in the UK. We offer complete electrical installation services & solutions when it comes to electrical upkeep, installation of gadgets and appliances, testing and additional services across Harrow and various other parts of London. When you get in touch with us for your electrical installer requirements, You can benefit greatly from our contract services. We can also deliver you on-call repair solutions based on your specific needs. We have been delivering our electrical services in various locations of London for quite some time now, making sure that people here are completely satisfied with our electrical services.

We are also skilled at all facets of green energy installations and smart metering and We can offer you complete support regarding the same When you consult us. We have got an extensive team of electrical contractors who can take up any kind of electrical installation and repair project and deliver smooth and reliable electrician services. We can handle all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial projects with the same kind of ease and efficiency.

Why Choose Our Electrician?

AYS System is known for offering user-friendly electrical services that ensure complete customer satisfaction every time. We have got the professional experience and technical knowledge required to deliver top-notch electrical services. We are known for maintaining high standards When it comes to our work and can deliver you complete value for your money for every task that we complete. Our efficiency in ensuring complete satisfaction for our customers makes us a well-known electrical installer in London. Our prices are completely affordable and in line with the current trends of the industry. So If you are keen on getting a free quote from us or want someone to provide you with emergency electrician services, You can count on us for the best solutions.

Our Electrical Services

AYS System can carry out all kinds of electrical tasks for customers in residential as well as commercial sectors. We can also deliver property maintenance solutions that are top-notch. Here is a list of our main services.

Emergency Electrician

Whether it is day or night, You may need an emergency electrician at any point of time. Power cuts, circuit issues and burnt wires can lead to partial or complete absence of electricity in your home, Inevitably forcing your normal life to come to a standstill. Our emergency electrician can get your home’s electrical system working again, leading to instant peace.



Home Lighting Installation

Home lighting installation solutions are necessary when you are looking to light up any part of your home’s inner environment or have your porch lighting set up. At AYS System, We can install all kinds of lights in your home, Whether you want to hang chandeliers, wall lights, pendant lights or table lamps. We can also set up smart home lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting for your home.


Kitchen Lighting & Wiring

The kitchen is a place that requires adequate lighting as it helps in the cooking process. We can install effective lighting systems for your kitchen that can enhance its aesthetic beauty and also help you to manage all small and large tasks. Our lighting can also accentuate the ambience of the kitchen. We can also set up the wiring in your kitchen so that all the lights and kitchen appliances can work smoothly.


Domestic Lighting Wiring

We at AYS System, install and set up lighting and rewiring in different types of domestic environments so that businesses can manage their operations smoothly. If you are keen on enhancing the operational efficiency of your home, It is very important that you have the right kind of lighting solutions and We can provide you with them. We can also perform rewiring tasks for houses & buildings.


Ceiling Wiring & Repairing

If you need help with your ceiling wiring, We can help you with that. We are skilled in all facets of ceiling wiring and repairing and so if you want to upgrade the wiring in your home, We can help you with that. We always make sure that our wiring solutions are completely flawless.


Replacing Light Switches

When the light switches in your office or home gets broken or they stop working normally, you must get them replaced so that you do not face any serious electrical hazards. At AYS System, We excel at replacing different kinds of light switches to make sure that you and your loved ones always stay safe.


Rewiring an Old House

The electrical wiring and circuitry of an old house must be replaced to upgrade them to current electrical conditions. We can rewire your old home so that they can carry a greater load of electrical power and manage your present requirements. New and enhanced wiring can also help you to run all your new appliances.


Fault Finding and Repairs

Electrical faults can lead to power cuts and serious issues in your electrical lines. Here at AYS System, We are highly efficient when it comes to detecting the faults in your home’s electric system and get them repaired as soon as possible so that your electrical supply remains completely unhindered.


THE ADVANTAGE OF CHOOSING Akshar Yogi Security System

  • Trustworthy & Reliable Staff
  • Qualified Electricians
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We always make use of high-quality materials which can deliver you smooth performance every time. We have in-depth understanding of electrical circuits which means that no matter the problem that you are facing, You can count on us for offering You solutions that can work out perfectly for your electrical needs.