Protect your Home from Intruders with our Best Intruder Alarm Installation

At AYS System, We combine sheer technological brilliance with creativity to come up with highly advanced intruder alarm systems and burglar alarm systems that can protect your home in the best possible manner. Our intruder alarm installers have already helped countless customers to feel safe in their homes and you can do that too. We are thoroughly dedicated burglar alarm fitters to provide you with the best value for your money.

With the rising instances of security breaches and break-ins, it is natural that You may feel somewhat anxious and apprehensive about the safety of your home. In such cases, having our intruder detection system and intruder alarm systems can provide you with the peace of mind you want, knowing that your family members are completely safe from any harm.

These are some features of our intruder alarm systems:


  • Highly customizable and scalable
  • Versatile enough for all environments
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Known for reliability and efficiency
  • Available at best prices

Integrated Security

When you choose to use our intruder alarm installation services, You can be certain about the fact that we can easily integrate the alarms with the general technical infrastructure of your home. This means that You can have these alarm systems integrated with the IP configuration, building automation, fire safety, video recording and various other features. This can help the intruder alarm systems to work seamlessly.


Highly intelligent detection of intrusion

Our alarm systems come with the added benefit of intelligent detection of intrusion which means that they can very easily differentiate between real security issues and false alarms. We have equipped our alarm systems with highly advanced sensors which can eliminate all kinds of false triggers like moving objects, wind drafts as well as activities of small children and pets. The sensors are proven to deliver top-quality performance at all times.


Easily customizable solutions

Once you consult our intruder alarm installers to get intruder or burglar alarm installations at your home, We can thoroughly survey your home and determine the best spots around your home to implement these systems. We can also carry out tests to make sure that they are working perfectly. We will also provide you with any kind of technical support that You may require to get the most out of these alarms.


Extensive professional experience

AYS System has been designing and creating intruder alarm systems for many years now and this makes it possible for us to recognize the challenges in our work. We can also combine our working knowledge with technology to create alarm systems that can provide our customers with the most effective security against possible break-ins. This also makes it possible for us to create an extensive range of intruder alarm and burglar alarm products that offer versatile solutions for our customers.


Service Advantage

  • We are known for maintaining high levels of excellence
  • We always work with the most advanced technology
  • We also excel in designing the best intruder alarm systems

From the very beginning, we at AYS System have been industry leaders when it comes to the designing and development of high-quality intruder alarm systems. Our intruder alarm systems are in line with the current industry standards and have met with widespread applause from various sections of users. We can also offer you complete technical support to ensure optimum user experience for you.