Security Lights

Security Lighting for London Properties.

Security Lights have been a rage in the world of home automation over the last few years. Also often referred to as motion sensor lights, they can be programmed to switch on or off at specific points. For instance, you can enter a dark room and suddenly find the lights getting switched on automatically. The lights can also go off when you leave the room. This can protect you from stumbling on objects or save electricity bills.

Akshar Yogi Security System is an industry leader in harrow London, When it comes to installing security lights and motion sensor lights in a home or office. We can install lights of your choice in any part of your property and make sure that you can get the most out of them. Our company excels at all facets of lighting installation and automation and can provide you with value for your money.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing our services.


  • + Smart products ensuring optimum efficiency
  • + Energy efficient and cost effective
  • + Reliability and scalability
  • + Endless customization options
  • + Perfect lighting for all environments

Installing Lights

Based on the specific lighting requirements that you have, we will help you to choose lights that you can get installed in different parts of your home. We are highly skilled when it comes to the automation of lights and we can address the specific functions you have in mind while using them. This makes our solutions the most reliable.


High security

When lights are used smartly, they can illuminate homes in a way that prevents break-ins and thefts. If someone trespasses in your home, you can have the lights switch on so as to scare them away. It is a proven fact that apartments that have lights switched on throughout the night effectively repel all criminal activity. However, you do not have to keep them switched on throughout the night as it can lead to expensive power bills. Our lights come with motion sensors which can get the lights switched on any time some unauthorized person enters your premises.


Energy efficient

We understand how lights can be a major source of expenditure in terms of power bills for you. That is why we only offer smart lights that can ensure reduced bills for you while making sure that you never run out of optimum illumination.


Create the perfect mood

It has been noted time and again that lights can help you to create them best moods. So if you are looking to dim the lights during your dinner time or when you are watching a movie, you can do that with a simple command. On the other hand, you can have bright lights when you are reading a book.

Service Advantage
  • You get the best quality solutions
  • Optimum value for your money
  • Excellent custom service and technical expertise

Choosing us as a security installation company in london for your security lights installation requirements can be one of the best decisions that you can ever take. We are notable for our high level of expertise and proficiency for all kinds of projects and we can set up your lights in any way you want. Our services are also available at best prices.