Smart Home Automation System for Modern Living

IoT is undoubtedly the future and home automation for an exclusive and modern living experience will leave you delighted. We possess years of experience in uplifting and simplifying the living by offering a smart home automation system solution. Right from streamlining the electronic appliances into a home network to satisfied customer service, we have grown understanding and resolving even the smallest requirement. Integrating a smart lighting ecosystem as a part of the home security system is just an add-on into our home automation package.

You can now upgrade your home making it smart and an automatic place to reside with your loved ones. For a remarkable seamless living experience, we’d suggest you opt for smart home installation service and leverage the best-in-class features and functionalities.

Specification and Features of Our Home Automation Systems:

  • Smart wireless audio surround
  • Monitor and regulate energy consumption
  • Energy saving modes
  • Control automation system through big screen
  • Clean and sleek remote design
  • Seamless integration with other home security systems
  • Sound, light and temperature control with voice commands

Smart Lighting for Every Occasion

Perfect lighting for every moment! Yes, with smart home system installation, you can make this happen. Be it reading light, dim lights or low movie lights you can regulate the brightness using voice commands or a smartphone lets you control your home lighting and you could enjoy every movement making your home, a hang-out place. With our smart lighting control system, you can even schedule the outdoor lights to welcome you back home after work. Our team of smart home automation system installers offers an intelligent lighting solution that makes every moment worth celebrating.


Smart Sound System on a tap

Music is rather a therapy than just an entertainment aspect. Our smart and convincing surround system can be customized in accordance with your mood. Be it party time or a workout routine, our sound system installation service will make your time at home truly commendable. Name a song and it’ll play the next moment as the internet is not as huge as it seems for AYS. Our team of experts holds years of experience in making the homes smart and thus, will provide a robust home automation system, which will be a reason to stay back at home and relax.


Control Climate through Smartphone

Ever thought that you’d be able to control the climate one day? Not sure about nature but you could definitely control your home temperature with your smartphone. You could manage the thermostat even when you are away and prepare your home for a warm welcome when you arrive. Control the shades either manually or schedule it for the mid-day. Even the different temperature in different rooms is reliable and convenient. Manage the indoor temperature given the external weather conditions even when you are away for days.


Integrates with Security Systems

Personalising living is the new smart. A perfect home does have feature-packed security systems. Right from smart lighting and temperature maintenance system to a perfect surveillance system, our team of professionals holds expertise in every task. We specialize in offering timely installation, accurate system setup, and pleasing customer service. The home security system we installed is then integrated with the home automation system and the device outcome is streamlined for easy access.


Why Choose Us?

  • Best home automation system in UK offered at a competitive price
  • Perfect smart home installation appreciated by a huge customer base
  • Customer-centric approach for home automation installation
  • Super-fast customer service
  • FREE consultation and maintenance packages suiting your budget

For smart home automation installation, only trust the experts as understanding home requirements could be challenging for less experienced service providers.